Duplication is Different in Internet Network Marketing

Duplication is a word you hear a lot in network marketing. You have to have an easy way to build your business that your downline can duplicate. It’s a little bit different online.

Yes, duplication is still important when building your network marketing business online because your prospects have to believe that they can do what you do, just like in the offline world. The difference is that you also have to stand out so that you will be noticed. If I teach my team to duplicate exactly what I do, then we will all look the same and people probably won’t join any of us. It’s like if you went to a network marketing career fair and their were 20 Nikken distributors all dressed the same and saying the same things. How would you decide whose team to be on?

Like I said, duplication in internet network marketing is a little different. You have to make sure that your personality comes through clearly. To build a network marketing business online, duplicate the process: website with a blog, post regularly, plugins that get the job done, and so on. You don’t duplicate the content. Have your own angle. For example, I attract people who are already familiar with Nikken’s products. Carlos has seen the benefits of the products on emotional issues and stress like in the book The Emotion Code, so that’s his angle.

With a company like Nikken, and several of the older network marketing companies with more than one product category, there are so many different areas you can pick as your primary focus, or niche. Because of that, there is plenty of room here for all of us. Just because there are a number of us already on the internet doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place here for you too. You just need to bring your own angle and your own personality.

What is your angle? How do you stand out from the crowd. Leave me a comment below and share this with your friends on the social networks. If you would like to know more about how I’m building my business online leave me a comment below.

Wayne Woodworth

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