Nikken Distributors Use Sorcery?

Have you seen the video on YouTube that claims that Nikken distributors use sorcery and witchcraft to sell their product? I see it show up in a new blog post every couple weeks or so and I find it very entertaining because they use a pendulum test to verify their claims. That’s right, they use sorcery to prove that we use sorcery. The claim comes from the fact that a lot of Nikken distributors use muscle tests to give people a quick demonstration that the products do have an affect on the body.

Muscle testing is hardly unique to Nikken and isn’t even close to sorcery. Muscle testing is based on Applied Kinesiology which originated in 1964 by George J. Goodheart, a chiropractor, for detecting problems in the body. I have most often seen muscle testing used, outside of Nikken, to detect what is true and how external influences affect the body.

My first exposure to applied kinesiology was in massage school with a certified applied kinesiologist. The first demonstration involved words written on pieces of paper and placed in sealed envelopes. The subject, one of my classmates, held the envelope in front of her with one hand and held her other arm out to one side. The demonstrator would then press lightly down on the wrist of her outstretched arm. If her arm stayed up then the word tested strong and if it dropped then the word weakened her. Words like “love”, “truth”, “Jesus” and “Buddha” all tested strong while words like “hate”, “lie” and “Satan” tested weak. Another common demonstration of applied kinesiology uses sweetener packets in sealed envelopes. Raw sugar usually tests strong while artificial sweeteners test weak.

Nikken distributors use muscle testing similar to how the applied kinesiologist used it to test words and sweeteners. We will test someone while standing without any of the product then test again with them standing on a pair of magnetic insoles or holding a cup of pi water to show them how much stronger they test with the Nikken product than without. If done right, it is a very valid demonstration.

The problem is that most Nikken distributors don’t have the benefit of learning how to do muscle testing from someone who knows how to do it. I remember the first time I received a muscle test at a Nikken event. When doing a muscle test, the point isn’t to show the subject how much stronger you are than they are. Either the muscle initially locks in place (strong) or it doesn’t (weak). The only thing that continuing to press may do is injure the subject. In other words, the subject shouldn’t be holding their arm or shoulder after the test because it hurts.

Here is a YouTube video I recorded that shows one way to do muscle testing.

Like I said, if it is done correctly then it can be a very valid test. You could use it to determine what brand of peanut butter is best for you at the grocery store. Another interesting application of muscle testing is with Psych-K in reprogramming the subconscious mind and the Emotion Code for identifying trapped emotions. I use the Emotion Code a lot myself, and  I hope to get some experience with Psych-K in the near future.

Check out my Work with Wayne page for more information about becoming a Nikken distributor (you don’t have to do muscle tests. I rarely do them anymore).

So, what do you think? Do you believe in muscle testing? Leave me a comment below then share this out to the social networks.

Wayne Woodworth

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