Your Beliefs and Your Success in Network Marketing

Most of us have a subconscious belief that we cannot be successful out on our own and when we have a belief like that the subconscious mind will do its best to make that a reality. One of the ways that it can bring that about is having us resist doing the things that we know we should be doing.
How many times have you had a task in your network marketing business that you know you should do right now but you put it off in favor of something else? Usually the tasks that you put on hold are the ones that most directly lead to the money in your business while the other things that you do instead don’t.
The way that works for me is that I usually put off writing the posts or pages that I want to write in favor of other non-money-making activities like reconciling the checkbook or playing a game online. For example, this morning I remembered that I had this post to write then immediately went online and did a Sudoku puzzle and another mindless game before finally coming back to this.
So one of the ways that I can improve my success in network marketing is to look for the tasks that I am resisting doing and work on them. My guess is that this will probably work for you too.
Here’s another page that I have been resistant to working on.
Wayne Woodworth

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