A Doctor's Nikken Business Story

I found this series of videos on YouTube with a doctor in Canada telling how he was introduced to Nikken, tried the product with his family, then eventually quit his practice and is now a full-time Nikken distributor.
The cool thing about this is that you don’t have to be a doctor to do this business. I’m not.
The original videos are gone now. Here’s the same material in another video.

If you would like to learn how I’m building this business online then find out more about working with me and put your first name and email address in the form on that page. I will show you exactly what I’m doing before you make any commitment to join my team.
If Jim Bews’ story was enough to convince you, then take a look here for how to join Nikken and team up with me. I am committed to helping you succeed in your Nikken business. Helping you to success is the only way that I can succeed.
Wayne Woodworth

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2 Responses to A Doctor's Nikken Business Story

  1. Gary Bolton says:

    Even some in the medical community recognizes the possibilities of alternative methods to stay healthy and treat illness. There remains hope of breaking the grip corporate medicine and pharmaceutical companies have on North America through their propaganda machines like the FDA.

    • Like Mr. Bews says in the video, some patients don’t want to be on drugs. There are many doctors and nurses who have given up their practices and joined the ranks of Nikken distributors. Of course, there are even more people who aren’t doctors who have become very successful with their Nikken businesses.

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