What is the Silver Challenge?

Moving Up In Rank With NikkenI went Silver in my Nikken business last October, just over six months ago, and I did it all online from my blog with the help of one other teammate who is also building his Nikken business through a website and blog.
If I can do this, then so can you. And I want to prove it.
That’s what my Silver Challenge is about.
OK. Time for some disclosure. What’s in this for me? I want to go Gold in my Nikken business, and the only way I can do that is to help at least three people join my team and go Silver. Are you up to the challenge.

Like I said, everything I needed to reach Silver last October came from online traffic. Mike, my teammate that I mentioned above, joined my team because he found me online and wanted to do the same thing I am doing.
If you are not a Nikken distributor yet, then you will need to join Nikken (preferably my Nikken team). That will cost you $60 plus tax and shipping for the business kit to join Nikken.
If you are already a Nikken distributor and would like to participate, then you are welcome to. The more people who take up the challenge, the better it will work for all of us.
Ask anyone you know who might be interest in playing with us to join your Nikken team and take up the challenge too. It will go a lot faster for you if you have people on your team playing along too.
You will need a blog. If you already have one, great. If not, I will help you get that set up. It’s easy. I’m not going to go into the details here, but just so you know, the cost to do all of this is less than $200 up front (including what you paid to join Nikken) and either $14.95 or  $32.95 a month depending on the level you want to play at. That isn’t money paid to me. Those are costs for web hosting and for services from Nikken.
Once everything is set up and you are ready to play, here is what I have in mind for the Silver Challenge.
You will write four blog posts every week. That’s about one every other day. One or two every day will be even better. If you do less than one every other day then it will take longer.
We will then comment on each other’s posts. Comments are a great way to boost traffic on both your website and the one you commented on.
I also want us to share each other’s content on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you feel moved to do so.
We will essentially be building our own syndication tribe to share our content. This is where we benefit from having more people playing and is why I am so willing to help people who are not on my team.
Syndicating your content, and each other’s content will generate more traffic to our websites and higher search rankings, which generates even more traffic. If your content is good, then more traffic will yield more retail product sales and more people joining your team.
Cooperation is so much better than competition. Only one person wins in a competition. With cooperation everyone can win.
When will the Silver Challenge end? Hopefully never. The more we play, the longer we play, the more people we bring into the challenge to play with us, the higher we can take our Nikken rank, and the more lives we can affect in a very positive way.
As we create more and more success and your team grows bigger and bigger, you may want to break off and start your own Silver Challenge. That would be awesome too.
So, are you in? Leave me a comment below, call or email me using my contact info at the top of this page, or show me that you are really committed and join my team now.
Wayne Woodworth

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