Should You Attend Team Events?

Network Marketing TeamI have never made it a secret that I don’t like to go to events put on either by Nikken or by my upline.
I need to reassess that now.
Because I made the decision to build my Nikken business online I have always contended that going to events took me away from the things that I needed to be doing to grow my business. The only exceptions I made were for product launches or a big name corporate speaker, like Dave Balzer. Even then I would only go to the event if it were within an hour of home and easy to get to.
That changed last weekend with the Royal Alliance event in Orlando, FL.

I’ve known about the event for a few months and my Royal Diamond upline, Jack and Sheri Clarke, had been working on talking me into going ever since the date was set. They actually got to me through my wife. They convinced her that I needed to be there, then let her convince me.
Then they told me that Dave Balzer would be there to talk about product technology and Annie Eng would be there to talk about CiagaV and Bergisterol.
With a little more coercing, cajoling, and bribing I had my ticket and I was set to go to Orlando.
And I’m glad I did.
The Royal Alliance event was put on by the Royal Diamond distributors, so there were a lot of Royal Diamonds and Diamonds there, and they were all accessible. You can learn a lot from sitting with a Royal Diamond for 15 minutes.
Staying immersed in that kind of energy for two and a half days will have an effect on you. I made the mental shift from Silver to Gold at this event. You can read more about my plans for that in my Silver Challenge post that I wrote yesterday.
Despite Dennis Estes telling me that product is overrated, I really enjoyed Dave Balzer’s and Annie Eng’s presentations. I also had a couple opportunities to talk with Dave one-on-one. There are definitely benefits to being on my Royal Diamond upline’s support staff.
Dennis Estes gave me the opportunity to speak briefly about blogging during one of his social media presentations. In addition to learning that I’m using social media all wrong, I was able to confront my fear of public speaking and open a few more doors to connect with people. Thank you very much Dennis.
Many people are curious about what I and my team are doing to build our Nikken business online, and Nikken is paying attention. Jonathan Halstrom, Nikken’s VP of Sales for North America confirmed that Nikken knows very well what I am doing online. When Sheri Clarke introduced me to Dave Balzer he said he already knew who I was because every time he Googles something Nikken related, my picture pops up.
So, should you attend events?
Yes, you should attend the events if at all possible. Especially the big events. Even though I had it in my mind that my business would suffer from me being away, and my web traffic did drop while I was gone, the benefits of being there did, and will continue to, far out-weigh the momentary dip in my daily business.
Wayne Woodworth
PS. If you would like to be a part of something really awesome, check out my Silver Challenge and see if it is right for you.

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