How to Sell Nikken Online

I sell Nikken products online and have customers all over the US and Canada. I feel that the internet is the best way for me to build my Nikken network marketing business. This only applies to the US and Canada. If you are in a different country then you need to find out what the rules are for you in your country.

There are some very important things to keep in mind though if you are a Nikken distributor and want to sell product online as well. Nikken has some very strict rules that they do enforce to protect their business and their product image. The rules help you as a distributor to stay out of trouble too.

Nikken’s Rules for Selling Product Online

The actual product sale has to take place on your Nikken PWP site, so you do have to pay the $14.95 a month to have a PWP site. This is an awesome benefit because you don’t have to deal with credit card processing, order fulfillment, or product inventory. Let Nikken handle those headaches for you. This means that you cannot sell product on sites like Ebay or CraigsList while you are a distributor.

As you should already know, you cannot make medical claims when talking about the benefits of Nikken’s products. You probably aren’t a doctor anyway so it is illegal for you to make medical claims and doing so will eventually get you in trouble with the FDA, the AMA, and probably a handful of other government organizations.

There is also the fact that Nikken’s products are not classified as medical devices and we don’t want them to be. People think they are expensive enough as it is. If Nikken had to go through the FDA to get approval the products would be even more expensive.

If you decide to include information from a study then make sure to include the source of your information. A link back to a page about the study would be the best. Also, don’t give people the idea that the Nikken products were connected to the study. Separate them.

For example, there is a very popular study about magnetic insoles and peripheral neuropathy done by Dr. Weintraub. If you use that information in a blog post then make the post about the benefits of magnetic insoles, not about Nikken MagSteps. Don’t give people the impression that MagSteps will definitely give people the same results or that they were used in the study. That could qualify as a medical claim. If you want to mention MagSteps then do so in a separate paragraph and say that they are the insoles that you use, or something along those lines.

Nikken Product Descriptions

You cannot give descriptions of the products on your website. This one was tricky to deal with at first, but it actually gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and provide real benefit to your customer. If your customers are interested then they will click the link to get the official description on your PWP page and maybe place an order.

What I like to do is talk about the benefits of the general product category. For example, on a page selling the Aqua Pour I would talk about the benefits of drinking clean water, simple carbon filtration, and the waste and expense involved in reverse osmosis and distillation.

I might also talk about how I use it. In my house we keep it on a low table so my small kids can reach it because water is just about all they drink. We fill it up before bed so that we can have great tasting water ready for us in the morning. I have also written a post with tips on how to get the most from it.

Testimonials and Disclaimers

Nikken seems to be OK with testimonials but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to use them. First, make sure you have permission from the person giving the testimonial. Only use testimonials that describe the average results that most people get from a product. With the insoles for example, “at the end of the day my feet weren’t as tired and sore as usual” is probably good to use while “after 3 months with the insoles my peripheral neuropathy was gone and my toes didn’t have to get amputated” is probably best kept off your public site, even if it might be true. The FDA or FTC has put out new rules about testimonials and you don’t want trouble from them.

I don’t use testimonials other than my own personal experience with the product. I can’t get in trouble with anyone for sharing my own story.
I do include a disclaimer telling people that I am not a doctor and that anything I say have not been approved by the FDA. I also make it clear that I am an independent Nikken distributor and that I don’t speak for or represent the Nikken company. Nikken also requires you to have the Nikken Independent Consultant logo on your page. You can get it from my Nikken product site in the top left corner by right clicking the image and choosing “Save image as…” to save it to your computer.

I think I have covered the major points that Nikken looks at. They do police this and I have learned most of this by talking to them after receiving a certified letter that I was in violation. That is one of the great things I like about Nikken. They told me exactly what I needed to do and gave me time to fix the problems. Follow these rules and you won’t have to get a letter yourself.

If you have any questions or have an experience working with Nikken to fix a problem on your page then please share it hear for the benefit of everyone reading.

Wayne Woodworth

PS. I am teaching my team exactly how to make money selling the Nikken products online. If you are interested in becoming a Nikken distributor and making money online then find out more about joining my team.

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