How I Build My Nikken Business Online – Part 2

In How I Build My Nikken Business Online – Part 1 I described how I create static pages on my WordPress site to sell the Nikken products. In this second part of the series I will talk about writing blog posts that refer to the static pages that I created.
Once the pages have been created I need to get them to rank well on the search engines so that people can find them. One of the components that the search engines look at is internal links, that is links from one page on my website to another page on the same site. Blog posts are a very effective way to do this because a new post actually adds content, and the internal links, to several pages.

Blog Posts Create Internal Links

Blog posts are a very effective way to create internal links because they add content, and the links they contain, to several pages on the site at one time. When you write a new post you associate it with a category and you add tags. WordPress creates an archive page for each category and each tag that you create.
For example, I just published a new post about wireless radiation on my product site and linked it to my Kenkoseat page and Naturest pad page. I put the post in the “Magnets” category and added 8 tags. Because each category and each tag has its own archive page, as well as the post’s own page, there are now 10 pages that contain the new links to those product pages. That’s a lot of new internal links and all it took was creating one new post.

How to Create a New Post

Creating a new post is easy. First you need an idea for a post. Ideas can come from anywhere. My ideas usually come from something I have read, either in a book or online. The wireless post that I already mentioned was a follow-up to another post that I wrote after listening to a conference call about the problems with the radiation from wireless signals and how the Nikken magnets can help. I just went to the websites that they mentioned on the call and put together some basic information about the dangers of wireless technology. At the end of the post I mentioned the magnetic products that they highlighted on the call and linked them back to my static pages, creating those all-important internal links.
When you refer to information from  another site it is usually a good idea to link to that site to give credit for the information and so that your readers can get more information. As with the static pages, if you talk about a specific condition it is better to focus more on the technology, like magnetic energy, that provides the benefit, not on the specific products from Nikken. At the end of the post you can mention some of the products that are representative of that technology and link to the appropriate pages.
If you mention any medical conditions then you also want to make sure that you include a disclaimer at the end. We cannot say that Nikken’s products can be used to treat diseases, so it is a good idea to explicitly say that they don’t.
As I already mentioned, posts have two components to them that static pages don’t have, categories and tags. Categories are a way for you to file your posts under a particular topic. The obvious categories for posts about Nikken are magnets, supplements, sleep, water, etc. WordPress installs with a default “Uncategorized” category. Don’t use that one because it won’t help you. Create your own categories that are more relevant to what you write about and that will help your visitors find the posts they want to read.
The second component are the tags. You can add as many tags as you want to your post. I typically use 3 to 10 tags when I write a new post. Tags are the phrases that you think people would likely search for that should lead them to your post. For example, if you wrote a post about the dangers of chlorinated water you might add tags such as “chlorinated water”, “chlorinated water cancer”, “water filter”, “water filtration”, etc.
Once all of the pieces are in place it is time to publish the post.
There are other details to help your post rank better with the search engines and many plugins that can help. If you are thinking about becoming a Nikken distributor and want to build your Nikken business online then consider joining my team or just enter your first name and email address below and I will get back touch with you. I will help you get all of the pieces in place so that you can be successful online too.
Wayne Woodworth

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