What To Write About

The hardest thing about blogging is coming up with ideas to write about, or at least that is our perception. There are really an unlimited number of things to write about that can all be relevant to our business.

Blog About the Business

I am going to make one assumption here – that everyone reading this is interested in network marketing, internet marketing, or both. So let’s start there.
You can blog about your network marketing company. What is it’s history, what do they do, what are their future plans, how does the business work, how does the compensation plan work. These kinds of posts will help you to rank well for keywords related to your network marketing company’s name.
Another area about your business that you can write about is network marketing itself. This includes the benefits of time freedom, money freedom, being your own boss, the tax advantages of owning your own business, and all of the other things that you were told to get you to join.
I like writing about things outside of network marketing that can apply to it, like the multiple streams of income post with Bob Proctor that I showed you yesterday. These can include a lot of personal growth topics around success, goal setting, and those kinds of things.

The Product

The other obvious thing that you can write about is your company’s product, and if you company has several products, then that gives you even more to write about.
You need to be careful writing about your products, especially if your company is one of the many wellness companies, like mine. It is illegal to make medical claims unless you are a doctor talking about a drug. I also learned recently that if you talk about your product that contains a particular ingredient that has studies that prove that it is the greatest thing on earth for a particular condition, you cannot talk about the product and the study together.
I want to be clear on this, so I will give you an example. My network marketing company recently launched a new nutritional drink, let’s call it B Extract Drink (I’m trying to make a point without plugging my own business too strongly, so go with it). B Extract Drink is made from a fruit that we will call B Fruit, and there are several clinical studies on the PubMed website that show that the extracts of B Fruit have a significant impact on Condition C and several related conditions. I cannot talk about those studies and B Extract Drink on the same page because that would qualify as a medical claim according to the FDA’s rules. So be careful.
With that said, you can write about your product as long as you follow your company’s marketing guidelines. There are plenty of things that you can talk about, like what is it made from, the recommended serving size, different ideas on how you can use the product to get better results, and so on.
You have more freedom if you write about the ingredients in your product or the technology behind the product and you don’t mention the product itself at all. You can write that post about B Fruit and those clinical studies about Condition C as long as you don’t mention the product itself. The post is even better if you include the links to the study abstracts on PubMed.

Affiliate Programs

Finally, I recommend that you mix in some blog posts for affiliate programs that will support your business. For example, in the second article in this series I mentioned HostMonster, the web hosting company that I use for my websites. I am an affiliate with them, and when someone clicks on that link and gets a hosting account then I will make a commission. I could write a blog post about HostMonster and my experience with the company.
Check out the companies that you work with online and see if they have affiliate programs that you can sign up for. They are usually free, and like network marketing companies, they have rules about how you can promote their products.

Review of How to Write a Blog Post

Beverly left a comment on the last article asking for more examples of how to write a blog post, so I recorded this video to go more into how I format the content piece and go through the steps instead of showing you the steps already done like I did last time. I hope this video helps.
description=”How to Write a Blog Post II”

Next Time

I think that next time I will talk more about syndication. I mentioned Twitter and Facebook already as a source for external links. Next time I will expand on that and how we can use them to reach a larger audience and get more traffic back to our websites.
Talk to you again in a few days.
PS. If you are not already signed up with a network marketing company and are now ready to put what we have talked about into profitable use, I would appreciate it if you would consider taking this opportunity to join my team so that we can work together toward your success online.

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