Promoting You and Your Website Online – Part 2

Welcome back to part 5, as we continue to talk about how to promote you and your website.
Last time we started talking about how take care of search engine optimization using keywords and key phrases and where to put them into your posts so that the search engines will rank your page or post the way you would like them to. Now we will move on to links: internal links – links from one page to another within your site, and in-coming external links – links to your site from other sites.

Internal Links

The search engines like internal links, that is links that go from one page or post on your website to another page or post on your website. They help the search engine spiders to easily move through your website and, at least in theory, help them to determine how much content you have on related topics.
The way that I do this is as follows. I have a page about a particular product that my MLM company sells, let’s say a water filter in this case. That’s the page that I want to rank high on the search engines and I have all of my keywords already in place. Now, every time that I write a new blog post about water filtration I will make sure that there is a link in the content of that post pointing to my water filter page.
Internal links are another reason why I like WordPress. Each post that you create on a WordPress blog creates or updates several pages that are all linked back to the post.
description=”How WordPress Creates Internal Links”

External Links

When I talk about external links, I mean incoming ones from other websites pointing to your website. There are a few ways to get that done. One is with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When you set up your profile on the social networks be sure to add a link back to your website. I also syndicate my content out to those sites. When I publish a new post on by blog, I also tweet it on Twitter and post it on my wall on Facebook. That has the potential to create several external links back to your content as your friends and followers re-tweet and re-post them. They are short-lived but the search engines pay attention to them.
There is a lot more that we can do with the social networking sites, but that is all I do so far and it really helps with the SEO.
Another way to get external links back to your posts is by commenting on other people’s blogs. I mean real comments, not just spamming your link. Blog comments are about getting into a conversation on the topic at hand, so engage with people and make it real. For example, if I find another blogger talking about SEO and I have something meaningful to say then I will share it. Who knows, you might make a new friend and possibly a new teammate. That won’t happen if you just spam your link.
That pretty much covers SEO as I do it. There are a lot more things that you can do, especially creating more external content to create links back to your website. Things like Hub Pages, Squidoo Lenses, connect with people on forums, write articles or press releases. I don’t currently do much of this, but it is available and probably much more.
There is also much more you can do with Social Media that I haven’t taken the time to get into yet, especially Facebook Pages. One other thing that I don’t do at all is pay-per-click advertising. To get that to work you need money to pay for the clicks (which will be expensive until you get everything right), time to test and tweak your ads, time to test and tweak your content. I tried it at the beginning and found free traffic to be much easier and much more profitable.
That’s it for now. As always, I go much more in-depth with my teammates, so if you like what have seen so far and would like to consider joining my team, get in touch with my by leaving a comment below, sending me an email at the address next to my picture at the top of this page, or just reply to the email message that brought you here.
I look forward to talking to you next time.

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