Why Network Marketing is Better Than a Job

Want to know why network marketing is better than a job? I quit my last job in 2009 and I have never looked back. I made the choice to work from home and build my network marketing business full-time, or what passes for full-time in my world. This post will show you why network marketing is better than a job.
In my lasts post I talked about how to escape a miserable job. My miserable job was one where I got stuck in a windowless office across from the noisy printers. I was a software developer and they sentenced me to maintain a deplorable piece of software that someone else designed. I would also be the eventual scapegoat for its inevitable failure.
Like I said last time, I needed a way out. I did get one more job after that one, and the new one was an amazing opportunity with a great company, but I had already decided that I was done. I just needed something to tide me over until I had my new business in place. That new business was in network marketing.

Why Network Marketing is Better Than a Job

Netwok marketing isn’t better for everybody, but it is for me. And if you are anything like me, it may be better for you too. First, let’s compare the two and see why network marketing is better than a job.

Network Marketing Versus a Job

Network Marketing Job
You are the boss Someone else is the boss
You control your time They control your time
You decide what needs to be done They decide what needs to be done
You decide how it is done They decide how it is done
Need time off? Take it Need time off? Beg!
Want more money? Earn more. Want more money? Beg!

I think you get the idea. You are at the whim of the person or organization who controls your paycheck. When you work a job, that person is your employer. They control your time and how you do your job.
When you have your own business, you control your paycheck and get to make all the decisions. I like that.

Network Marketing Versus Traditional Business

You could argue that any business that you own has the same benefits over a job, and in a some regards you are right. In other ways network marketing is better than a traditional business too.

Network Marketing Traditional Business
Someone else’s product You create the product
They handle payments You handle payments
They handle inventory You handle inventory
Minimal startup cost Can have high startup cost
Minimal overhead cost Can have high overhead cost
Very flexible hours Can have long, fixed hours if you have a physical storefront
Can work from anywhere Stuck in one place with that storefront.

I’ll stop there. Depending on what your traditional business is, it can tie you down even more than a job does.
With network marketing you can work anywhere you want. I choose to work from home where I can be with my family all day and home school my kids. I can work just as easily from a coffee shop or a beach as long as I have a connection to the Internet.
The network marketing company that you align yourself with takes care of a lot of the concerns that would be yours in a traditional business. All you are really responsible for is generating orders and providing the first line of customer support. Most network marketing companies also back you up on the customer support.

What About Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing does have most if not all of the benefits over a job or a traditional business that I listed above. I think of and run my network marketing business as an affiliate marketing business for the most part, but there are a few additional benefits to network marketing.
Network marketing companies can give you access to more products to sell all from one vendor. Some of your customers will buy a single item while others buy several. They only have to place one order and incur one shipping charge. Amazon’s affiliate program makes this possible for affiliate marketers too, but I make a lot more than 4% – 6% with my network marketing business.
The second benefit to network marketing over affiliate marketing is that I can build a team with my network marketing business. I don’t go out of my way to try to recruit anyone. When someone comes along who wants to do this the same way that I do then I am more than happy to help them get started. I can earn a percentage from several levels of distributors under me.

 Network Marketing Isn’t for Everyone

It is fine for me to talk about why network marketing is better than a job. I like and can handle being my own boss. I can get up every morning, take my list of what needs to get done for the day and get to work. If you can do that too, then network marketing may be a good choice for you too.
Not everyone can do that. Not everyone even wants to. And that’s great. All of those traditional businesses need people to run them. Grocery shopping would be difficult without people to keep the store running.
To be successful in network marketing you have to be self-motivated because there isn’t anyone else to tell you what to do. You have to be able to handle all of the distractions that come up and stay on task.
I build my network marketing business completely online and I’m building a resource to show others exactly how I do it.


While we’re talking about this, I’ll go ahead and say that there is not guarantee that you will make money in network marketing. You have to put in the time and effort to generate an income.
Do you agree why network marketing is better than a job? I’d love to read you thoughts in a comment below. While you’re at it, pleas share this post with your followers on social media.

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