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Why did I decide to get involved in network marketing (MLM if you prefer)?

Why Network Marketing Reason #1 – Time With Family

Time With FamilyThe number one reason why network marketing is right for me is because I like to be at home with my family. I like being able to sit here in my home office where my kids can come in and ask me to play with them, and I can tell him “Yes. Yes I can.” I also get be more involved in their eduction because I am available to homeschool them.

I don’t always stay home. Sometimes we get out of the house to go hike, a bike ride, or whatever else we want to do. We live close to the mountains and the Appalachian Trail in North Georgia, so there are plenty of great places to get outside.

Why Network Marketing Reason #2 – No Boss

My second reason for why network marketing is good for me is no boss!. With that comes no alarm clock and no rush hour traffic. I don’t have anybody telling me what to do, where to be, and when to be there.

To be honest, my last job was great. I had a great boss, great people to work with, a nice office. It was… well… great. The only issues I had with the job were that I had to be there when they wanted me to be there and do what they wanted me to do. So I quit.

Have you ever had a job and just knew that they were making you do it the wrong way? Start your own business in network marketing and do it the right way.

The “no boss” thing is a bit of a double-edged sword though. It’s kind of like that old Spider-Man line – “With great power comes great responsibility”. You have complete control over your time, but you are also completely responsible for getting done what needs to get done to grow your business. Some people need a boss to keep them on track, and that’s OK. That was an adjustment that I had to make, and several years later I’m still working on it.

Why Network Marketing Reason #3 – Financial Control

With a job you have two money problems that you have no control over – how much you make and how much you get to keep. If you want to make more money, you either have to beg your boss for a raise or go looking for a better paying job. The IRS tells you how much of it you can keep either way.

With network marketing, if you want to make more money then you either sell more product or sponsor more people who sell more product. You are directly in control of how much you make.

As for how much you keep, the IRS is still going to take their share, but their share can be much smaller. Businesses pay taxes differently. In your current job, you make money, pay taxes, then live off what’s left. A business makes money, lives off the income, then pays taxes on what’s left. Did you catch the difference?

Your network marketing business is a business. You get to deduct legitimate business expenses from your income before you pay the IRS. (I am not a tax professional. Consult a CPA or other qualified professional to determine how this could affect you.)

Your Next Step

If you have made it this far then you are probably one of the following three people.

Person A – You agree with everything I’ve said, you want to do what I have done, and you’re ready to get started. Great! Sign up as a Nikken consultant here and let’s get busy.

Person B – This all sounds great, you would like to do this, but you aren’t sure about the whole internet thing. You have some doubts that you can do this. Sign up for my email series and I will show you exactly how I have built my Nikken business online.

To sign up for this email series, enter your first name and email address in the blue form with blue arrow and blue button on the right. Scroll up a little bit and you will see it. Click that blue button and those emails will automatically start coming to you. I will probably then email you myself and show you how to get to the whole series without having to wait for each one separately.

Person C – Again, this all sounds good, but are the products really all that I say they are? Check out my product website and see what kinds of products Nikken has to offer. Also check out my product blog. That will give you a chance to see what Nikken has to offer. Order an item or two to use and see for yourself. The PowerMini and PowerChip are great magnetic items to start with if you have never used magnets before and need some belief there.

Once you believe in the product then come back here and see if you are now Person A or Person B.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end here. I’m excited to work with you, so take a moment to decide if you are Person A, B or C and take action. The only way anything will ever happen is to make a decision and take action.

PS. If you would like to read more about my take on network marketing and Nikken then check out my blog posts and think about working with me.


There is no guarantee that you can make any money in network marketing. Like any other business, it all depends on what you do.

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