How To Link To Your Nikken PWP Product Pages

You have your website all set up and you want to link to the Nikken PWP website to send traffic to place orders. There are two parts to this, first to get them to your PWP then to get them to the correct product.
Think of Nikken’s PWP system like an Excel spreadsheet or the multiplication table when you were learning how to multiply in school.
When you wanted to find the answer to 3 X 5 you looked for the number 3 across the top and the number 5 down the left-hand side and found where that column and row intersected to find your answer. Hopefully you got 15.
You can think of Nikken’s PWP system the same way. Across the top they have distributors who have PWP pages and down the left-hand side they have product pages.

To get my customers to my Kenzen Immunity Page I have to specify me (represented by my distributor ID in the table) and the product’s Category ID as it is recorded by the PWP system.
Now, you understand this so far, right?
Good. Here is how this goes together to create your PWP link.
First, there is the web address to the PWP system. This is the same for everyone and every page, so just copy it exactly as it is here.

Then you identify yourself.


Replace the red parts with your distributor ID and replace the blue part with your PWP url. When I signed up for the Nikken PWP I chose, so I set the blue part to “yonderwillow”. If you never changed yours and left it defaulted to your distributor ID, then all three parts will be your distributor ID.
Finally, we identify the product page that we want. This is what it looks like.


Copy this exactly as it is here and then change the pink number to the correct Category ID.
So, all that’s left is how to find the Category ID. That’s actually pretty easy. Go to the Nikken PWP website, click on Shop Now, then navigate to the page that you want to link to.

Once you are on the correct page you will be able to find the CategoryID in the address bar at the top of the page. I highlighted it in the picture above and zoom in on it in the image below.

Here you can see the CategoryID for Kenzen Immunity is 97.
Now you have all of the pieces, so just take out all of the line feeds and spaces to put it all together. When you copy this, make sure that there are no spaces or carriage returns in it. It should all be one looooooong line.
There are a couple things to keep in mind.
1) This only works for the Nikken North America PWP website. The PWP for other countries is different. I would be happy to play around with the other websites to help you out.
2) The nutritional items, like the Immunity that we have been playing with here, have different product names and item numbers in Canada. They also have different CategoryIDs. Kenzen Immunity is called Kenzen 14 Mushroom Complex in Canada and the CategoryID is 254. You just have to select the Canada cart then go about getting the CategoryID in the same way I already described.
Please leave me a comment below and let me know if this helps.

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