Why I Like the Nikken Compensation Plan

Moving Up In Rank With NikkenI really do like the Nikken compensation plan because it is fair and rewards the people who do the work to build their business. It is not one for people who think they can just get rich doing nothing. The Nikken compensation plan is a Stair-step Breakaway Plan.

How Does Nikken’s Stairstep Breakaway Plan Work?

The “stairstep” part of the Stairstep Breakaway Plan refers to the ranks that you advance through as you build your business. The “breakaway” part comes later and is a point where your upline stops earning regular income from your activities.
With Nikken it is definitely a stairstep but it doesn’t really qualify as a breakaway in my opinion. When you start out with Nikken you have requirements to move through ranks from Direct to Senior, Executive, Bronze, and Silver. Silver is the breakaway point. Like I said, I don’t really consider it a true breakaway because you still earn income on your downline’s activity after they reach Silver in the form of a Leadership Bonus.
Moving up from Direct to Bronze requires reaching certain volume requirements. Advancing from Bronze to Silver involves both a volume requirement and a recruiting requirement in the form of having 3 people reach Senior rank. In other words you advance by helping 3 people join your team and move up one rank to Senior.
Once you successfully reach Silver, you no longer have volume requirements to move up in rank. You advance by helping your team advance in rank. The next ranks are Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Royal Diamond.
As I said, the Nikken Compensation Plan rewards people who are willing to put in the work to build their business, and since your upline needs you to move up in rank so that they can move up in rank, you know that you will receive support from them. You still have to be willing to work.
A lot of people complain about the Stairstep Breakaway Plan and Nikken’s comp plan, but those are usually the people who want to join a business and get paid without having to really do anything. Binary plans and matrix plans are better choices for those kinds of people where your upline can only have a limited number of people in their front line and the rest have to flow down. Your front line in Nikken can be infinitely wide.
If you have any questions about how Nikken’s compensation plan works then please leave a comment below and I will reply. Check out this page to see how the compensation plan generates you money.
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Wayne Woodworth

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