What I Like About Network Marketing Online

There are many things that I like about network marketing, especially about network marketing onlineI started my business in network marketing just over 10 years ago. It took me a little while to figure out how to make it work for me, but once I did I really started to enjoy it. In this post I am going to share with you what I like about network marketing, especially about network marketing online.
I didn’t start out online immediately. At first I did what I was told. I made my list of people and talked to them until they would no longer answer the phone when I called. I packed up all my products and took them to events and chatted with all the people looking for free give-aways. None of that worked for me.
Everything changed once I made the decision to go online.

What I Like About Network Marketing

I’m a rather independent kind of person. I don’t follow rules that don’t make sense and I don’t respect assumed authority – titles and offices. Going to a job didn’t work for me. You have to show up when they say. Do what they say. Go to lunch when they say. Then you can go home when they say. If you have something else to do, you have to get permission.
The first thing that I like about network marketing is that you can take back your freedom.

  • Plan your work around your life. Need time off? Take it. More time with family.
  • You are the boss. You decide what needs to be done, and when.
  • Do you want a raise? Great. Figure out how to earn more money.
  • Very few rules. Mostly just stay out of trouble with the company, and the government.
  • Learn how to run a small business.
  • Build a business how you want to – face-to-face, on the phone, or online.

Who Can Do Network Marketing?

Another thing that I like about network marketing is its very low cost. It costs very little to start and maintain a network marketing business. So from a financial standpoint, just about anyone can get started in network marketing.
Running a network marketing business doesn’t require any special tools. In most cases you will need only a computer with a connection to the internet and a phone. Laptops with wi-fi and cellphones make it easy to keep your business mobile.
Finally, network marketing doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge. You don’t have to be a highly regarded chef or know a lot about manufacturing to be successful. You just have to be willing to do the work.
Just because most people can do network marketing doesn’t mean that everyone will be successful in network marketing.

Who Succeeds in Network Marketing?

In the old days of network marketing the people who reached the highest levels were usually the charismatic people who could get up on a stage and command the attention of a large audience.
You don’t have the reach the highest levels to be successful in network marketing though. Actually, depending on the quality of your team, there isn’t any guarantee that you will make much money even at those highest levels. But if you do it right, you can make money at any level.
What I like about network marketing from a financial perspective is that it rewards persistence. Those people who stick with it long term, are willing to learn, and spend the time to figure out how to get it to work for them will be the ones who make the money, regardless of the levels you reach.

Network Marketing Online

I said that in the old days of network marketing that it was the charismatic ones who reached the highest levels. The Internet opens the door to more people having success, not just the charismatic ones.
Market size is a key factor in any business. The more people who can see your message and buy your products, the more money you can potentially earn. When selling face-to-face you needed to be in a large city to have a large market, or be willing to travel to the large cities.
The Internet levels that out. When online, everyone can potentially reach the entire world, or whatever your company’s market area is. For my company, that is all of the US and Canada. That’s a lot more than I could ever reach face-to-face where I live.

How to Succeed with Network Marketing Online

What I like about network marketing online, aside from the fact that you can reach such a large audience, is that everything you do continues to work for you long after you did it. When you do old school network marketing, let’s say you do a presentation on a stage, it is only effective for the length of the event. You have to capitalize on it immediately because by the next day it’s all over.
When you create content online, like this blog post for example, it’s out there permanently (unless you take it down for some reason). It can continue to work for you for days, weeks, months, even years after you clicked the publish button. That’s amazingly powerful.
One of the projects that I’m working on right now is an ebook that walks you through how to create a website for your network marketing business. It is exactly the same process that I have used to create mine, and yes, I do make money every month in my network marketing business online.

What Network Marketing Is Not

Real quick, as a form of disclaimer, let me tell you what network marketing is not. It is NOT a get rich quick scheme. There is no guarantee that you will make any money.
It is technically possible to make a lot of money very fast if you already have a bunch of customers lined up in advance. Most people don’t. I sure didn’t. Network marketing, like any business, will take time to build. You need to be patient and learn as you go. The longer you stick with it, the better your chances become for making money.
I had my network marketing business for just over a year and a half before I decided to take it online. Then I think it was about six months before I learned how to start getting orders through my website. I was figuring everything out for myself. That’s the real purpose of the ebook, to shorten your time to making money.

Your Thoughts

What do you like about network marketing? Or dislike? Leave me a comment below and please share this with your followers on social media. Thanks.

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