Internet Network Marketing and Replicated Websites

One of the people who recently joined my Nikken distributor team told me about a website that he found. The website is at While the site does look nice, much nicer than Nikken’s PWP website, it is still a replicated website and therefore isn’t all that effective for generating orders for product online or finding other people who want to join the business.
To be able to get orders and find prospects online requires that your website get traffic, and most of that traffic is going to come from the search engines. Despite what many gurus are saying, most people still go to the search engines to look for products and information. One of the things that the search engines look for when they index your website is unique content, and that is where the replicated websites fail. The point of a replicated website is that everyone’s pages are essentially the same as everyone else’s and therefore will not rank with the search engines.
What has worked well for me so far is having a blog website that is all my own. By writing content that is uniquely my own I can make sure that I rank with the search engines for the terms that I want. By creating my website using WordPress, a lot of the extra work that needs to be done to get the search engines to rank my blog posts properly is automatically done for me.
I think what I like most about building my Nikken business this way is that most people can do this with some help, learn a new skill, and be successful.
If you are interested in building a Nikken business online in such a way that you can get orders through your website, enter your first name and email address below and we will set up a time to talk.
Wayne Woodworth

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