How to Succeed With Nikken – Make A Decision

How to Succeed in NikkenIf you want to succeed with Nikken, or any other network marketing business, you have to make a decision. You have to decide that you want to succeed and that you will do what it takes.
A lot of personal development teachers, like Bob Proctor for example, will tell you to put that decision in writing and date it. Now you have made a commitment, and that commitment is your motivation to get the job done.

The first real decision I remember making in my network marketing business was not to reach a certain rank by a certain time, or any of that other usual stuff. Mine was that I was going to get on my upline Royal Diamond’s radar.
Jack and Sheri Clarke, my upline Royal Diamonds, are only two levels up from me (my sponsor and one other person are the only people between us in my genealogy) and live about an hour away, so they already knew who I was. The first event I went to was at their house.
Sheri is the kind of person who always knows what is going on. My sponsor, Gregg, and I often joked that she knew what we were doing before we did.
So my first decision was to get on her radar because I was generating a lot of volume. a goal feels too weak to me. A goal always feels like it’s out their in the future. I made the decision that I was doing it right now and I talked about it all the time with my wife.
About a year and a half ago I did get on their radar by generating a monthly personal (not group) volume between 8,000 and 12,000. I also got on Nikken’s radar because that volume was mostly retail sales and it was enough to get me into the top 5 in retail sales for the year.
I have now made the decision to find people who want to do what I have done, that is build a Nikken business with a high retail volume (along with retail profits) by promoting and selling the Nikken products online.
As a part of this, I will show you exactly how I have built my business online so that you can do the same. It is really a very simple plan. What it requires is some of your time and a lot of persistence.
You can find out more about my Nikken business plan here. Make the decision and join me.
Wayne Woodworth

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