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A Doctor's Nikken Business Story

I found this series of videos on YouTube with a doctor in Canada telling how he was introduced to Nikken, tried the product with his family, then eventually quit his practice and is now a full-time Nikken distributor. The cool … Continue reading

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How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

There are many people who start out in network ¬†marketing but they never seem to get anywhere. The failure rate in network marketing, like most new businesses, is very high. I believe that there are two keys behind any kind … Continue reading

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Bob Proctor, Financial Freedom and Multiple Sources of Income

Someone sent me a four-part series of videos by Bob Proctor that I really enjoyed.¬†Unfortunately the videos are no longer available. You will have to opt-in with your email address and they will send you a new video each day. … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing Tactic That Really Annoys

I remember years ago a lot of websites started using pop-up ads and I found it really annoying. I would get online in the morning to check the weather forecast and there would be a pop-up (or worse, a pop-under) … Continue reading

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Why Right Now Is The Best Time to Start A Nikken Business

Now is absolutely the best time to start your Nikken business. I don’t need to tell you all of the reasons why you should consider starting a business in network marketing and with Nikken. You’ve already heard all of the … Continue reading

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