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How to Move Up the Nikken Ranks

You have joined Nikken, talked with your sponsor, begun looking over the product and know which items you are going to start telling people about. If that isn’t the case then go back and read the first and second posts in this series.

Your next question is either about how to make money with Nikken or how to move up in rank so that you can make more money. I’ll handle the second question here, how to move up the ranks in Nikken, then talk about the money next time.

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The Right Way to Build a Nikken Business

I don’t think that most Nikken distributors understand how to build a Nikken business that takes full advantage of Nikken’s compensation plan.

Most of the Nikken business leaders that I hear from all talk about recruiting. While there isn’t anything wrong with recruiting, and it is required to reach the leadership ranks, you won’t make any money from it when starting out. A new person at the starting level can not make any money from building a team. The Nikken compensation plan for a new person only includes retail profit.

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Nikken Is Too Hard

I hear this a lot. “Nikken is a hard business”. I even hear it from some of the very successful distributors.

I don’t understand why, and I completely disagree.

Too Hard to Explain the Products

Some people say that it is too hard to explain the products. It is really better not to explain the products anyway. For one thing, if you try to explain the products you run the risk of making a medical claim. That’s a no-no. Instead, find out where they hurt then have them put a magnet on it. If you are spending time with them, check back in on it after 30 minutes. If you are not with them, then check back in the evening or the next day. Chances are they will have forgotten about it. If it doesn’t hurt anymore, or hurts less, then you have given them all of the explanation that they need.

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Nikken’s Compensation Plan for People Who Know Binary Plans

Network Marketing Compensation PlanFor people who are familiar with other common network marketing compensation plans, Nikken’s compensation plan may be a little confusing. Officially, Nikken’s compensation plan is a stair-step breakaway plan, which means that you move up through a series of ranks and eventually “break away” from your sponsor. You don’t actually break away because your upline still gets a percentage based on your team’s activity.

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Nikken vs A Matrix Compensation Plan

I was invited this morning to check out a new company, that will remain nameless, that is using a forced matrix compensation plan. Aside from the fact the video didn’t work on their website and there was no link to the products they offer, the biggest reason I wasn’t interested was the matrix comp plan itself. This company’s plan was a 2 by 10 matrix, which is like a binary comp plan limited to 10 levels, so in this case you are limited to making your money on the activity of only 2046 people. While 2046 may seem like a lot of people to some, it is still a limited number and a cap to your potential income.

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Why I Like the Nikken Compensation Plan

Moving Up In Rank With NikkenI really do like the Nikken compensation plan because it is fair and rewards the people who do the work to build their business. It is not one for people who think they can just get rich doing nothing. The Nikken compensation plan is a Stair-step Breakaway Plan.

How Does Nikken’s Stairstep Breakaway Plan Work?

The “stairstep” part of the Stairstep Breakaway Plan refers to the ranks that you advance through as you build your business. The “breakaway” part comes later and is a point where your upline stops earning regular income from your activities.

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Nikken Compensation Plan – Where Does the Money Go?

Nikken Distributor RanksI have a new distributor, Herb, who has been on my Nikken team for one week as of today and he already has 395 PV. PV stands for Personal Volume. I thought I should write a quick post to show what the 395 PV means in the Nikken Compensation Plan.

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