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Ben Carter Yonder Willow WellnessHello and welcome to my About page. I am Ben CarterĀ and I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about me and why I am here.

I’m originally from Upstate New York and moved to Savannah, GA when I was 13. After graduating high school I moved to Atlanta to go to college at Georgia Tech and study computer engineering. I graduated from college and worked as a software developer then a web developer for several years until I landed in a job that I absolutely hated.

I don’t think it is right to have to do something that you hate, so it was time for a career change. My wife had recently completed massage school and I figured that maybe that could work for me too. I enrolled in a night class at a massage school while I continued my odious day job.

What massage school really did for me was open me up to the world of wellness. There is so much information available out their about how to stay healthy, and people need to know about it. I enjoyed massage school and the exposure I received to modalities other than just massage, especially energy healing.

After graduating I was ready to start my own business. I had big plans and dreams. The only problem was that massage business is really no better than having a job. Your income is still limited by the number of hours in a day. To make enough money to support my family I needed something that wasn’t limited. Also, massage careers are typically short, either because of injury or you just wear out.

I needed something where the income wasn’t tied to the number of hours in the day or to me being physically present all the time. That’s when I was introduced to Nikken and network marketing. They offered great products that supported my family’s wellness and it offered the kind of income I was looking for that wasn’t tied to the clock. So, I signed up with Nikken and soon decided to take my new business online.

Outside of my business, I enjoy reading for personal development. I love the Law of Attraction work and figuring out how to apply it to my life. I find it fascinating to see how much power we really have and how much of it we give away by blaming outside factors. You can find more about my thoughts on that on another blog I have at http://www.yw-personal-development.com/.

I also like to hike. For me, that is the best exercise and stress release there is. I’m not one to just go outside. I don’t like to work in the yard or go to the beach. There has to be trees and mountains and it is even better if there is a stream or a waterfall.

Finally, the reason that I do what I do. My wife and my two kids. Currently my daughter is in first grade and my son is about to start pre-K. I like network marketing because it gives me the freedom to work from home and be involved in their lives. One of my favorite parts of the day is being able to take them to school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.

You can find out more about working with me here.


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  1. Dr.K.Rama Naidu says:

    Hi,Woodworth I am a ‘magnetotherapist’ in A.P State,India doing free service,and treated nearly 3 lack patients since 15 yrs.But I used local biomagnets during this period.Fortunately I recieved a Biaxial PowerMag through my friend recently.I would like to join in Nikken’s family as ‘Honarary Ambassador’ for India eyclusively to serve our Nation under your flag.I hope you can appoint me very soon.With best regards,Dr.K.Rama Naidu,1-22-3 Mn Rd, Tadigadapa,Vijayawada,A.P,India. Pin-521 137.

    • Thanks for the comment and it is great to hear that you are having good results with magnets in the Biaxial PowerMag. I love the device myself. As for “Honorary Ambassador”, I can’t speak for Nikken on that. I’m an independent distributor and don’t work for Nikken. I know that Nikken doesn’t currently operate in India but maybe they will one day soon so that you can easily experience the rest of what Nikken has to offer. BTW, I have a couple friends from my days in the Corporate World who were from Andhra Pradesh. Nice people.

  2. Carlos H says:

    Dear Mr. Woodworth,
    I like your approach to this business and I am happy I found your website. I am looking forward to working with you in creating a thriving business helping people here in South California. We have much in common (technical background and a kin enterest in wellness), and I would like to hear about the details of your business approach. Towards the end of the month I am planning to enroll as a Nikken consultant. Let me know how to do it under your group.



    • Carlos, welcome to the team! I guess you decided not to wait until the end of the month to get started. You aren’t too far from Nikken headquarters in Irvine, so you might be able to take advantage of some of the opportunities that come up every now and then to visit the home office.

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